1: Introduction Discover the hidden details in Netflix's Resident Evil series. Dive deep into the intricacies you may have overlooked.

2: Alice's Origins Uncover the origins of Alice, the mysterious protagonist of the series. Learn about her hidden past and secrets.

3: Red Queen's Agenda Explore the sinister motives of the Red Queen. Delve into her hidden agenda and manipulative tactics.

4: Umbrella Corporation Secrets Peek behind the curtains of the Umbrella Corporation. Unravel their hidden secrets and shady dealings.

5: Wesker's Betrayal Uncover Wesker's shocking betrayal. Learn about the hidden schemes and double-crosses in play.

6: Hidden Creatures Spot the hidden creatures lurking in the shadows. Identify the monsters and mutants waiting to strike.

7: Easter Eggs Galore Find the hidden Easter eggs scattered throughout the series. Keep an eye out for subtle nods to the games.

8: Timeline Twists Navigate the twists and turns of the series' timeline. Unravel the hidden connections and loops.

9: Conclusion Wrap up your journey into the hidden details of Netflix's Resident Evil series. Stay vigilant for more secrets in future seasons.