1: Mirror Universe Spock, the cunning and ruthless counterpart to the logical original.

2: Mirror Universe Kirk, a power-hungry and violent version of the iconic captain.

3: Mirror Universe Kira Nerys, a ruthless terrorist turned ruthless dictator.

4: Mirror Universe Soval, the cold and calculating Vulcan ambassador.

5: Mirror Universe Intendant Kira, a manipulative and sadistic leader in the Terran Empire.

6: Mirror Universe Lorca, a devious and ambitious captain of the ISS Discovery.

7: Mirror Universe Hoshi Sato, a seductive and treacherous crewmember on the ISS Enterprise.

8: Mirror Universe Empress Georgiou, a merciless and power-hungry ruler of the Terran Empire.

9: Mirror Universe Evil Spock, the cunning and deceptive counterpart to the noble Starfleet officer.