1: "Burpees: A full-body exercise that boosts heart rate and burns calories quickly."

2: "Plank: Strengthens core muscles and improves posture and balance."

3: "Mountain Climbers: Engages core, arms, and legs for a total body workout."

4: "Squats: Tone legs, glutes, and core without any equipment needed."

5: "Lunges: Sculpt legs and glutes while improving balance and stability."

6: "Push-ups: Targets chest, arms, and core for a strong upper body."

7: "Jumping Jacks: Cardio move that works the whole body and boosts metabolism."

8: "Tricep Dips: Strengthen and tone arms and shoulders for a sculpted look."

9: "Walking Lunges: Shape legs and glutes while increasing heart rate for a calorie burn."