1: 1. Mix canned tuna with Greek yogurt for a creamy, protein-packed base.

2: 2. Add diced celery and onion for crunch and flavor in your tuna salad mixture.

3: 3. Serve on whole grain bread with lettuce and tomato for a balanced meal.

4: 4. Swap mayo for avocado for a healthier fat alternative in your tuna salad.

5: 5. Season with lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and black pepper for zesty flavor.

6: 6. Top with sliced avocado or hard-boiled egg for extra protein and nutrients.

7: 7. Use lettuce wraps or cucumber slices as a low-carb option for your tuna salad.

8: 8. Add a sprinkle of sunflower seeds or nuts for added crunch and texture.

9: 9. Experiment with different herbs and spices to customize your tuna salad to your liking.