1: Kevin Costner's living room colors radiate opulence, showcasing his luxurious taste.

2: Rich, warm hues in Costner's living room create a sophisticated and inviting ambiance.

3: Elegant neutral tones and metallic accents elevate the luxurious feel of Costner's home.

4: Costner's living room features plush textures and upscale finishes for a lavish touch.

5: The blend of earthy tones and bold colors in Costner's living room exudes richness.

6: Costner's choice of deep blues and velvet fabrics adds a regal charm to his living space.

7: Vintage-inspired furniture and luxurious drapes complete the upscale look of Costner's home.

8: Golden accents and intricate details in Costner's living room showcase his refined style.

9: From the grand chandelier to the sumptuous area rugs, Costner's living room exudes luxury.