1: Elevate your Jiffy cornbread with these 4 secret ingredients for busy moms.

2: Add buttermilk for extra richness and tangy flavor to your cornbread.

3: Incorporate shredded cheddar cheese to make your cornbread even more decadent and delicious.

4: Try mixing in chopped jalapeños for a spicy kick in your cornbread.

5: Upgrade your cornbread with a dollop of honey for a touch of sweetness.

6: Enhance the texture of your cornbread by adding a can of creamed corn.

7: Experiment with different herbs like chives or parsley to add a fresh twist to your cornbread.

8: For a nutritious boost, fold in some cooked quinoa or ancient grains to your cornbread mix.

9: These 4 secret ingredients will take your Jiffy cornbread to the next level for busy moms on-the-go.