1: "Line of Duty" - A gripping British series following a corrupt police unit.

2: "Mindhunter" - Dive into the minds of serial killers with this psychological thriller.

3: "The Shield" - Watch the intense struggles of a corrupt anti-gang unit in Los Angeles.

4: "True Detective" - Follow complex investigations and characters in this anthology series.

5: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" - A hilarious take on the police procedural genre with a comedic twist.

6: "Southland" - Experience the raw and gritty LAPD patrol division in this drama.

7: "NYPD Blue" - Witness the inner workings and personal lives of New York City detectives.

8: "The Wire" - Explore the Baltimore drug scene and police corruption in this critically acclaimed series.

9: "Fargo" - Uncover quirky crimes and moral dilemmas in this darkly humorous drama.