1: Tony and Ziva spinoff is highly anticipated in the NCIS fan community. Stay tuned for updates!

2: Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo have hinted at reprising their roles for the spinoff.

3: The Tony and Ziva spinoff will explore their complex relationship and unresolved feelings.

4: Fans are excited to see the chemistry between Tony and Ziva on screen once again.

5: The spinoff will delve deeper into Tony and Ziva's past and potential future together.

6: NCIS producers have teased the possibility of a Tony and Ziva reunion in the spinoff.

7: The spinoff will offer closure for fans who have been rooting for Tony and Ziva's romance.

8: Stay tuned for more updates on the highly-anticipated Tony and Ziva spinoff.

9: Get ready to dive back into the world of NCIS with the exciting Tony and Ziva spinoff!