1: 1. Chemistry: Tony and Ziva's dynamic is magnetic. 2. Fan base: NCIS followers eager for spinoff. 3. Unresolved storylines leave viewers wanting more.

2: 1. Action-packed: High-octane drama keeps audiences engaged. 2. Character depth: Tony and Ziva have layers waiting to be explored. 3. Romance: Will they or won't they? Fans on the edge of their seats.

3: 1. Nostalgia: NCIS veterans longing for a return to familiar faces. 2. Intrigue: Tony and Ziva's past holds secrets waiting to be revealed. 3. Spinoff potential: Endless possibilities for new adventures.

4: 1. Legacy: NCIS spinoff would honor the original show's impact. 2. Global appeal: Tony and Ziva's story transcends borders. 3. Excitement: Anticipation for a fresh take on the beloved characters.

5: 1. Dynamic duo: Tony and Ziva's partnership is unforgettable. 2. Redemption arc: Opportunities for growth and redemption. 3. Dramatic tension: Sparks fly as conflicts arise.

6: 1. Family ties: Tony and Ziva's family dynamic adds depth. 2. Friendship: Bond between the two characters is unbreakable. 3. Fandom support: Fans rallying for a spinoff series.

7: 1. Strong female lead: Ziva's character breaks stereotypes. 2. Emotional depth: Tony and Ziva's story hits viewers in the heart. 3. Unexpected twists: Surprises keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

8: 1. Character growth: Tony and Ziva's journey is one of evolution. 2. Resonance: Storylines that resonate with real-life experiences. 3. Potential crossovers: Exciting collaborations with other shows.

9: 1. Iconic duo: Tony and Ziva's legacy lives on. 2. Power couple: Chemistry between the two is undeniable. 3. Must-watch: NCIS spinoff promises to captivate audiences worldwide.