1: 1. Tony and Ziva's return brings back fan favorite characters. 2. Their chemistry adds depth to NCIS storylines.

2: 3. The reunion reveals unanswered questions from past seasons. 4. Fans are thrilled to see their favorite pair back in action.

3: 5. Tony and Ziva's return sparks new plot twists. 6. Their dynamic partnership keeps viewers engaged.

4: 7. The comeback brings nostalgia to long-time fans. 8. Tony and Ziva's reappearance boosts ratings for NCIS.

5: 9. Their relationship offers emotional growth for the characters. 10. Tony and Ziva's return sets the stage for future storylines.

6: 11. Fans speculate on the impact of Tony and Ziva's return. 12. The duo's chemistry adds intrigue to NCIS episodes.

7: 13. The reunion evokes strong emotions from viewers. 14. Tony and Ziva's return revives interest in the show.

8: 15. The characters' return signals a new era for NCIS. 16. Fans anticipate the repercussions of Tony and Ziva's comeback.

9: 17. Tony and Ziva's presence elevates the show's narrative. 18. Their return promises excitement and drama for NCIS fans.