1: 1. Iconic Characters like Alice and Jill 2. Intense Action Sequences and Horror Elements

2: 3. Intriguing Plot Twists and Suspenseful Moments 4. References to the Umbrella Corporation and Biohazard Outbreaks

3: 5. Thrilling Resident Evil Easter Eggs and Fan Favorites

4: 6. Survival Horror Themes and Tension-Filled Storylines

5: 7. Creepy Creatures like Zombies and Mutated Monsters

6: 8. High-Stakes Scenarios and Apocalyptic Settings

7: 9. Terrifying Villains like Wesker and Nemesis

8: 10. Nod to the Video Game Roots and Legacy of Resident Evil

9: 11. Overall, Fans are Eager for a Gritty, Dark, and Action-Packed Netflix Adaptation.