1: 1. Daenerys returns as a villain. 2. Rhaenyra's story unfolds. 3. More dragons are hatched.

2: 4. Jaime Lannister makes a surprising return. 5. Aegon Targaryen's true identity is revealed.

3: 6. Joffrey Baratheon's resurrection is hinted at. 7. Jon Snow becomes a dragon rider.

4: 8. The Night King returns in a new form.

5: 9. Arya Stark's destiny is finally fulfilled. 10. The true power of the Iron Throne is revealed.

6: 11. Sansa Stark's role in the war is pivotal. 12. Bran Stark's powers reach new heights.

7: 13. Tyrion Lannister's betrayal shocks Westeros. 14. Cersei Lannister's dark secret is exposed.

8: 15. Gendry Baratheon's claim to the throne is challenged. 16. The White Walkers' origins are uncovered.

9: 17. The fate of Westeros hangs in the balance. 18. The final battle for the Iron Throne begins.