1: Sylvester Stallone's Early Years Discover the untold story of Stallone's rise to fame in Hollywood.

2: Michael B. Jordan Jordan shines as Stallone in his younger years.

3: Zac Efron Efron captures Stallone's intensity and charisma on screen.

4: Chris Hemsworth Hemsworth embodies Stallone's iconic tough-guy persona.

5: Ansel Elgort Elgort brings Stallone's passion and drive to life.

6: Tom Hardy Hardy channels Stallone's grit and determination in every scene.

7: Taron Egerton Egerton captures Stallone's heart and soul in the biopic.

8: Armie Hammer Hammer embodies Stallone's resilience and strength in the film.

9: The Legacy Continues Witness the next generation of actors stepping into Stallone's legendary shoes.