1: Bruce Campbell's iconic portrayal of Ash is perfect for an Evil Dead animated series. His charisma and humor bring the character to life in a new way.

2: Campbell's dedication to the Evil Dead franchise sets him apart. His passion for the series would ensure a faithful adaptation for fans to enjoy.

3: The humor and wit Campbell brings to Ash's character would translate well into an animated format. Fans would love to see more of his one-liners.

4: An animated series allows for more creative freedom in storytelling. Campbell's involvement would help maintain the series' unique blend of horror and comedy.

5: Campbell's experience as Ash gives him insight into the character's psyche. His understanding of Ash's motivations would shine through in the animated series.

6: Fans have longed to see more of Ash's adventures. An animated series could explore new storylines and bring fresh perspective to the beloved character.

7: Campbell's voice acting skills would elevate the animated series. His distinct voice would bring Ash to life in a way that honors the character's legacy.

8: An Evil Dead animated series with Campbell as Ash would be a dream come true for fans. The combination of Campbell's talent and the series' rich lore is a winning formula.

9: Campbell's dedication, humor, and talent make him the perfect choice to voice Ash in an Evil Dead animated series. Fans can't wait to see what adventures await their favorite chainsaw-wielding hero.