1: Tom Hanks Known for his versatility, Tom Hanks has also fallen victim to deepfake videos.

2: Katy Perry Even the famous singer Katy Perry has been a target of deepfake videos.

3: Barack Obama Former President Barack Obama has also been targeted by creators of deepfake videos.

4: Angelina Jolie Even Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has been a victim of deepfake videos.

5: Justin Bieber Pop sensation Justin Bieber is no stranger to being the subject of deepfake videos.

6: Jennifer Lawrence Actress Jennifer Lawrence has also fallen victim to the rise of deepfake videos.

7: Leonardo DiCaprio Even award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio has had deepfake videos made of him.

8: Kylie Jenner Reality star Kylie Jenner is another victim of the growing trend of deepfake videos.

9: Katrina Kaif Even Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif has not been spared from the dangers of deepfake videos.