1: Cregan's arrival in King's Landing changes everything for Ned Stark's rule.

2: His methods are merciless and will make Ned's executions far more brutal.

3: Cregan's influence is felt throughout the Seven Kingdoms, instilling fear in all who oppose him.

4: As Ned's Hand, Cregan enforces justice with a ruthless hand.

5: The Northman's grasp on power tightens, leaving no room for mercy.

6: The people of King's Landing cower in fear as Cregan's reign grows more oppressive.

7: Ned's previously noble rule descends into a blood-soaked tyranny under Cregan's command.

8: Whispers of rebellion spread as the people realize the true extent of Cregan's brutality.

9: In the end, Ned's kill rule becomes a symbol of Cregan's unrelenting cruelty.