1: In 1997, Jim Carrey starred in "Liar Liar," a hilarious comedy about a lawyer who can't lie for 24 hours.

2: The movie's premise was already funny, but the filmmakers took a risk with a bold decision that made it even funnier.

3: In "Liar Liar," Jim Carrey's character is suddenly unable to tell a lie after his son makes a wish on his birthday candles.

4: This risky story decision forced Carrey's character, a lawyer who lies for a living, to be brutally honest with everyone he meets.

5: The result? Hilarious chaos ensues as Carrey struggles to navigate his personal and professional life without telling a single lie.

6: This unique twist on the classic comedy formula helped "Liar Liar" stand out as a memorable and highly entertaining film.

7: Carrey's over-the-top comedic performance coupled with the risky story decision made "Liar Liar" a cult classic among fans.

8: "Trust me, it's a great decision," Carrey once said about the story choice that made "Liar Liar" a comedic masterpiece.

9: Ultimately, the risk paid off, and "Liar Liar" remains one of Jim Carrey's most beloved and iconic roles to date.