1: Discover the most valuable Roosevelt dimes you should be on the lookout for. From rare dates to mint errors, these coins are worth a second look.

2: The 1949-S Roosevelt dime is a key date that commands a high price. Look for full bands and sharp strikes for maximum value.

3: Don't overlook the 1964 DDO (Double Die Obverse) Roosevelt dime. This error coin features doubling on the front of Roosevelt's profile.

4: The 1983 "No S" Proof Roosevelt dime is a rare variety missing the mint mark. Valued for its scarcity, this coin is a must-have for collectors.

5: Did you know the 1996-W Roosevelt dime was only released in mint sets? Its low mintage makes it a sought-after coin among enthusiasts.

6: Keep a keen eye out for the 1970-S Small Date Roosevelt dime. This variety features a subtle difference in the size of the date numerals.

7: The 1982 Roosevelt dime features a no-P mint mark error. Look for this coin in circulation, as it's worth more than its face value.

8: The 1966 Roosevelt dime with a Special Mint Set finish is highly coveted by collectors. Its unique luster and details make it a standout piece.

9: In conclusion, these valuable Roosevelt dimes offer a window into numismatic history. Keep an eye out for these coins to enhance your collection.