1: 1. LSU Tigers: Tons of talent and depth make them a force to reckon with.

2: 2. Texas Tech Red Raiders: Defensive prowess and strong offense make them a contender.

3: 3. Oregon Ducks: A balanced team with a mix of experienced and young players.

4: 4. Tennessee Volunteers: Strong on both ends of the court, they're a threat to anyone.

5: 5. Michigan Wolverines: Unpredictable but full of potential, keep an eye on them.

6: 6. Virginia Cavaliers: Defending champs with a hunger to repeat their success.

7: 7. Houston Cougars: Flying under the radar, but they have the tools to surprise.

8: 8. Illinois Fighting Illini: Rising stars with a deep roster and plenty of talent.

9: 9. BYU Cougars: A dark horse with a strong team chemistry and determination.