1: Revamp Your Salad: 5 Ways to Add Flavor 🥗 Upgrade your salad game with these delicious twists!

2: 1. Try adding fresh herbs like mint or basil for a burst of flavor.

3: 2. Add a sprinkle of toasted nuts or seeds for a crunchy texture.

4: 3. Drizzle with a homemade vinaigrette or zesty citrus dressing.

5: 4. Experiment with roasted veggies like sweet potatoes or bell peppers.

6: 5. Finish off with a sprinkle of feta cheese or tangy goat cheese.

7: Get creative with your salads and impress your taste buds!

8: Elevate your salad experience with these simple yet delicious ideas.

9: Revamp Your Salad: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways to Add Flavor 🌿 Try them all and enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal!